Somatic Alliance

For anyone who has ever felt alone in their pain.

What to Expect

During your session, you will have the opportunity to feel allied-with in a way that is authentic and personalized. Here, you have the freedom to choose what feels most comfortable and effective for you, in a supportive and judgment-free space. You are in the driver's seat of your experience.

First, we will get clear on your motivation: what has brought you to the session? What area of your life, or what memory from your past, do you wish to feel supported in? Then, through somatic imagining, you will be guided into discovering what your needs are. As your guide and companion on this journey, I take a centred and curious approach to finding out what works best for you, so that you can experience the embodied sense of allyship that most resonates with your needs.

Many of us have never gotten to experience the support that resonates with us individually. We each have our own unique preferences and needs when it comes to feeling allied-with, but so often when we reach out for support, well-intentioned people may project onto us the support they think we need, instead of the support we actually need. At times we may not have anyone at all that we can turn to for support, which can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and promote hyper-independence.

Somatic Alliance is a process where we can learn what helps you feel the most allied-with and meet you there, assisting your tissues and nervous system in experiencing the support you have been longing for.


About the Experience

Somatic Alliance might be for you if:

  • you have ever felt alone in your pain

  • you are interested in taking a mind-body approach to physical healing

  • you have experienced abandonment

  • you tend to be the one who gives but desires/struggles to receive

  • you fear rejection

  • you experience feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • you are navigating love after trauma

  • you experience feelings of low self worth

  • you are working through shame

  • you are estranged from your family

  • you were not met with support during or after a traumatic incident

  • you are a human being navigating the challenges of life on this planet!

Experience Somatic Alliance

If you're ready to experience this process of somatic opening or would like to request more information, please use the button below to inquire.


My Approach

I began my wellness journey after escaping a psychologically abusive relationship. My experiences motivated me to develop Reclaim Your Voice, a grassroots organization that hosts events where people who have lived through abuse and sexual violence can gently work through their trauma.

Since 2012 I have been listening to stories of interpersonal violence, and have been motivated to learn approaches to help regulate the nervous system. Whether or not you identify as being a trauma survivor, I take a trauma-informed approach to all of my practices, which includes using invitational language and frequently checking in on how you are feeling. Trauma goes hand in hand with feelings of powerlessness; during Somatic Alliance sessions, you get to choose what feels best for you. Your voice and your comfort are valued here.

I consider it an honour to be able to support people who have experienced various forms of abuse and sexual violence, and hold sacred the trust bestowed on me to hold space in this way.

"For the last few years I have been so lost in my head trying to cope and heal, and I found I wasn't often present in my body. I have been trying to do work to get back into my body and start really living again. I did this amazing workshop about embodiment with Jungle Flower and Nicole a few days ago and it was so helpful, and it supported a long awaited shift in me. I became more aware of some incredible inner resources I didn't know I had." - S.P.


Somatic Allying Practice - $55 + HST

Optional support person - $30 + HST

"My headache has gone and the itching around my ears has decreased tremendously. I feel a little more at peace with myself. And it did shift a little something in me. I felt excited to write my goals out for the next month and new year. I have felt pretty apathetic lately and actually felt motivated to do that for myself. I'm not sure how often I should be doing this, but could this be a regular thing for me? Could I do this once per month?"

- K.A.

Embark on a journey of remembering.

Feeling supported is crucial for wellbeing. Yet, in our individualistic society, it may have been some time since you last felt deeply supported––if you've ever felt that way at all. The Somatic Alliance practice helps you open up to the feelings of support that we all have an inherent need for, and allows you to experience the difference in your nervous system once that need is met.

Throughout our evolutionary history, we looked to our tribes for survival, security, and support. Today, we're still wired for connection and belonging, and feeling allied-with meets our inherent need for safety, belonging and dignity. When we feel supported, we're more likely to have a positive outlook on life, experience lower levels of stress, and have a greater sense of belonging. On the other hand, the absence of support can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and decreased mental health. Therefore, allowing in an embodied sense of support can promote overall wellbeing.


There are three necessary requirements for a Somatic Alliance session:

1) An additional support person. Because we are so wired to be in community, Somatic Alliance sessions require not one but two people to effectively support you through this process. I welcome you to invite into the session someone who you trust and feel safe with. There is no additional cost for bringing in your own support person. If you do not have someone who you feel comfortable inviting into the session (which is the case for many of us), my kind and compassionate colleagues extensively trained in offering support are available for a fee and would be so happy to be that person for you.

2) Access to the sensations in your body. During our session, the wisdom of your body will guide us to learn what helps you feel the most allied-with. You'll be asked to tap into and describe the sensations that are arising for you.

3) A working internet connection, camera and microphone. Somatic Alliance sessions currently take place over Zoom and require both you and your chosen support person to have the capabilities to join the session virtually. You'll both need to log on from separate spaces and separate devices.


How long are the sessions?

Sessions run between 30 - 60 minutes.

How do I choose the right support person?

The right person is someone who is able to offer you affirmations rather than unsolicited advice, is open to trying new things, and can allow the focus to be on supporting you in the ways that most resonate with you. It is also important that you feel comfortable and safe with this person, so that you can be fully expressive during the session. If you do not have someone like this in your life, we can provide a secondary support person for you (please see the pricing schedule above).

Can I do multiple sessions?

Absolutely. Humans are meaning-making beings, and when we experience hurt and being alone in our pain, we may form unconscious beliefs about ourselves and about other people that affect how we show up in the world. We may also build protective mechanisms to help us survive. Our life experiences are then built on top of these protective and constructed layers. While you may experience a shift in a single Somatic Alliance session, each session thereafter allows us to dig deeper into these layers and tend to the pain that may still be "trapped" there.

What is "Somatics"?

Somatics-based approaches work not just with the mind, but with the idea that we carry deep rooted beliefs in our bodies as well which are not always accessible through cognitive approaches like talk therapy. Initially developed to assist trauma survivors in finding relief from symptoms such as flashbacks, sleep disturbances, disordered eating, and turbulent relationships, somatic practices have proven effective in helping individuals cope with a wide range of stressors and have been successful in improving relationships, enhancing parenting skills, managing anxiety, overcoming depression, and navigating through various emotional challenges.

"Traumatic memories are not caused by the 'triggering' event itself. They stem from the frozen residue of energy that had not been resolved or discharged; this residue remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreak havoc on our bodies and spirits." - Peter Levine

"As with all of Jungle Flower's services and experiences, the space felt incredibly safe and open. This was my first time utilizing the tool of somatic experiencing and it was an experience I will never forget. By gently guiding you through this experience, Jungle Flower helps you actually feel in your body the warmth and security of being supported. From the descriptive imagery, to the phrases said aloud (that you decide!), it felt like a dream realized and was one of the most impactful things I've ever experienced. As someone who often feels alone, isolated, and hyperindepentent, knowing that this technique/tool is available is so comforting. Everyone deserves to feel this supported in their life, and I would highly recommend this to anyone considering it." - C.D.

"I've been feeling even more in my power than I did the day after the session. And when put into the situations that would trigger me I have a moment between reacting and and just sitting with the feeling and not re-acting. My body isn't as tense." - D.T.