Hi there, I'm Jungle Flower

I'm an award-winning, trauma-informed facilitator, poet and speaker. My mission is to help people gently work through their stress and trauma, and enhance their wellbeing to live more connected, peaceful lives.

Writing the Dragon

A research-supported writing method to help people piece their lives back together after trauma.

Wellness Workshops

A trauma-informed approach to combat stress and anxiety, as well as compassion fatigue for those in helping professions.

Live Speaking & Spoken Word Poetry

Through poetry and storytelling, I share my own journey of experiencing and healing from an abusive relationship to provide hope and a roadmap for healing.


My soundbath sessions utilize sonic vibrations to trigger the relaxation state, clear emotional blocks, and so much more.

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Seneca College

Brown University

Queen's University

University of Toronto

UTSC Student Union

Toronto Metropolitan University

University of Waterloo

Carleton University

Dalhousie University

University of Alberta

University of King's College

Consent at Trent

Humber College

San Diego State University

Sonoma State University

Nipissing University

Laurentian University of Sudbury

Sony BMG

Universal Music

Toronto Community Housing

Toronto International Film Festival

Women's Habitat

Scarborough Arts

Workman Arts

Muslim Resource Centre

Canadian Youth & Justice Congress

White Ribbon


Wellness Workshops

Group and Individual sessions featuring a variety of wellness approaches, including grounding techniques and writing exercises.

Sharing life lessons and the transmutation of stories of trauma into a medicine offering for those who need it.


Live Speaking & Spoken Word Poetry

Jungle Flower sitting in a comfy custom built wooden chair, writing stories and poetry.
Jungle Flower sitting in a comfy custom built wooden chair, writing stories and poetry.


Writing the Dragon

Writing is a powerful tool to help us process and heal from our experiences. As a trauma-informed writing guide, I provide guidance for developing a gentle and sustainable foundation to write out your stories.


Sound Baths

I offer group and individual immersive sonic experiences, known for their powerful relaxation qualities and wellness-enhancing benefits.

Happy clients


Being vulnerable is challenging for anyone. Being vulnerable about your own experience to new audiences is even more difficult. Yet, Jungle Flower delivers - with care, with courage, with confidence. Her messaging can make anyone, no matter how many are in the room, feel a part of what she has to share, and just as well, empowered to want to think, act, feel, different. I am grateful for Jungle Flower and for all the lives she’s impacted along her journey.

- Jason Merai, Associate Dean of Music & Fine Arts at Humber College

Jungle Flower has the most beautiful energy, her thoughtfulness and attention to details are impeccable. The compassion she shows the participants is so natural, the way she is able to guide individuals through her workshops takes an incredible amount of skill, you can see the stress release from them as she compassionately walks them through the activity. It is always a pleasure to be in spaces with her as her energy is catching!!

- Alicia Whyte, Manager of Programs and Services, Women's Habitat Shelter & Outreach for Women

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