Writing the Dragon

Writing is an incredibly powerful tool for healing. It can help us get thoughts out of our heads and onto paper where we can organize them more easily. It can help us piece together the memory fragments that surround our trauma. And, it can help us create distance from difficult experiences. But writing, when not approached strategically, can also be overwhelming, and without proper guidance and support an author might abandon the process.

In 2018, I received a scholarship from Write Your Self to train as a trauma-informed writing guide. In this role, I use an evidence-based methodology to help writers of all skill levels create a sustainable foundation for their writing. I teach a course called Writing the Dragon, with the ultimate goal of bringing choice and empowerment back to the writer. Trauma so often involves having choice taken away from us, which leads to feelings of powerlessness and a loss of a sense of agency. Through writing, choice can be reclaimed, and an author can take control of their own narrative.

Writing the Dragon helps writers get clear on what topics they wish to write about, the importance of creating rituals for their writing sessions, how to express the wordless, and how to take care of themselves throughout the writing process.

Writing the Dragon can be taught in groups or one-on-one.

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