Starlight Soundbath

A Return to the Elements

From time immemorial, cultures across the earth have celebrated the change from Summer to Autumn. In our current Western society, we are losing our connection to nature and finding ourselves out of balance and out of harmony. The shift between Summer to Autumn can therefore confuse our systems. On September 23rd, we invite you to join us in reconnecting with the elements of nature to help us enter into this new season powerfully and intentionally.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong means "to cultivate Life Force/Energy." It is an ancient martial, medical, and spiritual system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality. Qi gong integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intentions to increase our Qi, circulate it, and use it to cleanse and heal ourselves and others.

The Soundbath

Lay your yoga mat on the grass and cozy up with your blanket and pillows to be bathed in sonic vibrations and starlight. These sonic vibrations produced by singing bowls, rain sticks, drums, and other live instruments can help relieve the mind and body of tension, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, unblock creativity, and much, much more. This is like a massage for your cells, improving the function of the cellular walls and repairing DNA.

The benefits that soundbaths offer are profound and numerous; and all you have to do to experience these benefits is simply be.

What Will Be Provided

  • Water

  • Teas

  • Hot chocolate (contains almond milk)

  • In the case of inclement weather, tents will be provided for you to enjoy the soundbath while remaining warm and dry

What to Bring

  • Yoga mat

  • Comfortable clothing (dressing in layers is recommended!)

  • Warm blanket/sleeping bag

  • Pillow and anything else to support your comfort

  • Journal and pen

  • Mug

  • Musical instruments for the Abundance ritual (optional)

  • Tent, toiletries and any other necessary items if you wish to spend the night (extra fee applies)


This event will take place on sacred grounds owned by a melanated family, north of Pickering, ON. The exact address will be provided once your ticket has been purchased.

Meet Your Guides


As a Priestess of Aba'Ma, Yandea avails herself to be of service, assisting others in receiving the Love of the Divine First Mother and reconciling with the Divine Mother-Father. Yandea descends from a lineage of healers.

Pronounced in ancient vibration:

Aba'Ma (ahhab-ah-mah ) "to receive the love of the First Mother"

Aba'Ma (ah-bah-mah) "Father-Mother"

Sessions offered: Financial, Life & Family Coaching · Spiritual Alignment Therapy · Soul At-One-Ment Readings · Karmic & Ancestral Wound Clearing · Aba'Ma Flow & DNA Activation · Pre/Post Natal and Delivery Care · Neurographica & Sacred Pathways Specialist Sessions · Ho'oponopono, Forgiveness & Energetic Debt Therapy Specialist Session · Art & Sound Alchemy · Spinal Flow Technique · And more ·

Reach out to Yandea at

Jungle Flower (she/her)

Jungle Flower is a Tkaronto based poet, speaker, trauma-informed writing guide and sound guide.

After escaping a psychologically abusive relationship, she founded Reclaim Your Voice in 2012, a BIPOC survivor-led organization that creates safe spaces where people who have experienced abuse and sexual violence can gently work through their trauma. In 2021, Reclaim Your Voice received the Mayor’s Community Safety Award from the so-called City of Toronto.

Stepping away from her 20-year career as a photographer in the entertainment industry, Jungle Flower found healing through her work in the survivor community. Today she works with schools across the country, hosting survivor-centred workshops and sharing her stories, spoken word poetry and soundbaths as a medicine offering for those who need it.

Connect with Jungle Flower on Instagram @jungleflowerenergy

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Abundance rituals by bonfire, qi gong in the grass, and sound medicine under the stars to help you move through blockages, release stagnant energy, and shift into the Fall season powerfully. Led by melanated women.

The Abundance Ritual

Autumn is a time for manifesting our harvest which happens as the result of finding our inner balance. Without the right balance of rain and sunshine our crops would fail. The Fall Equinox marks the balance of day and night, of heat and cold. It is in this balance that we find the power and grace to manifest our full potential.

During the Abundance Ritual, you will utilize the power of the 5 Elements and be guided into your subconscious to identify the blockages that have been preventing you from coming into your fullness. Identifying these blockages can mean purification, grounding, and the awareness of your own Inner Fruit waiting to be harvested. The element of Fire represents power, and it is through this element, in the form of a roaring bonfire, that we will activate our intentions.

We welcome you to bring musical instruments to usher in the manifestation of your abundance.