What is Neurographica?

The word neurographic encompasses two concepts within it: neuro, referring to brain cells and connections between them and the body, and graphic, as in depictions of images, shapes and ideas in art. Neurographica forms new neural connections in the brain. This method of creative drawing is transformative leading you to deep insights and inspiration. Through use of Neurographica one can create their desired reality and succeed in self-development, mindfulness and self- exploration. This form of art is free of inhibition and allows for immense creative freedom, and desirable changes. Neurographica is a positively impactful technique that requires no previous art experience or age requirement because it is simple and easy to understand.

Neurographica Benefits

  • Attune to your intuition

  • Explore your deepest dreams and desires

  • Be creative in setting and achieving goals

  • Create your new harmonious reality

  • Develop creativity

  • See the world in new colors

  • Activate inspiration​

  • Express deep feelings

  • Discover and transform outdated patterns of behavior and thinking

  • Survive and express strong emotions

What Will Be Provided

  • Water, tea, and light refreshments

  • Art supplies

What to Bring

  • An open heart

  • An open mind

  • Yoga mat

  • Pillow, blanket, and anything else to support your comfort


This event will take place on sacred grounds owned by a melanated family, north of Pickering, ON. The exact address will be provided once your ticket has been purchased.

Meet Your Guides


As a Priestess of Aba'Ma, Yandea avails herself to be of service, assisting others in receiving the Love of the Divine First Mother and reconciling with the Divine Mother-Father. Yandea descends from a lineage of healers.

Pronounced in ancient vibration:

Aba'Ma (ahhab-ah-mah ) "to receive the love of the First Mother"

Aba'Ma (ah-bah-mah) "Father-Mother"

Sessions offered: Financial, Life & Family Coaching · Spiritual Alignment Therapy · Soul At-One-Ment Readings · Karmic & Ancestral Wound Clearing · Aba'Ma Flow & DNA Activation · Pre/Post Natal and Delivery Care · Neurographica & Sacred Pathways Specialist Sessions · Ho'oponopono, Forgiveness & Energetic Debt Therapy Specialist Session · Art & Sound Alchemy · Spinal Flow Technique · And more ·

Reach out to Yandea at

Jungle Flower (she/her)

Jungle Flower is a Tkaronto based poet, speaker, trauma-informed writing guide and sound guide.

After escaping a psychologically abusive relationship, she founded Reclaim Your Voice in 2012, a BIPOC survivor-led organization that creates safe spaces where people who have experienced abuse and sexual violence can gently work through their trauma. In 2021, Reclaim Your Voice received the Mayor’s Community Safety Award from the so-called City of Toronto.

Stepping away from her 20-year career as a photographer in the entertainment industry, Jungle Flower found healing through her work in the survivor community. Today she works with schools across the country, hosting survivor-centred workshops and sharing her stories, spoken word poetry and soundbaths as a medicine offering for those who need it.

Connect with Jungle Flower on Instagram @jungleflowerenergy

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Get Unstuck, Unblocked & Unlocked

The Soundbath

Lay on your yoga mat and cozy up with your blanket and pillows to be bathed in sonic vibrations. While the Neurographica process brings heightened awareness to your conscious mind, the sound waves produced by singing bowls, rain sticks, drums, and other live instruments can help bring balance to the hemispheres of the brain, triggering the relaxation response after experiencing profound mental breakthroughs.

Benefits of Soundbaths can Include:

  • relieving the mind and body of tension

  • improved sleep quality

  • reduced anxiety

  • unblocked creativity

  • improved cellular wall function

  • emotional processing

  • accelerated muscle recovery

  • and so much more!


Work through some tough subconscious blockages and become the limitless being that you are. Receive gentle guidance through a powerful Neurographica Algorithm while being bathed in the soothing frequencies of singing bowls and other vibrational instruments.